New in “WAYL” version 1.05.916:


– Fixed issues when adding items to order


– Budget item extensions

Maintenance & Stock:

– Extended sub-sub-category indexing (0-99)

– Fixed comment issue in Postpone

– Added possibility to restrict stock and maintenance category tree editing

– ‘Add to archive’ button moved to item edit window

– Added possibility to edit last hours adding entry in maintenance (can change the record within 24 hours after its addition)


– Fixed work schedule print issues

– Possibility to set default certificate for field ‘Medical certificate issued’ of Seaman’s Employment Agreement form

– Departments for crew feature

– Can add, edit, mark visible/invisible and remove departments (edit window is available when select ‘Edit departments’ in department selection dialog in crew)

– Search in crew by departments

– Main tab order changes in Crew page

– Possibility to view average mark in performance chart on tab ‘Performance’