New in version 1.06.009-013


  • In the category tree settings, the ‘Add category’ button now adds the same category as selected in the tree. If the category is not selected, the button adds the category of the highest level
  • If you can not send an email from the email address specified in the settings.mail, the letter will be sent from the address
  • Fixed issue with deleting email templates in settings


  • Instead of the ‘+’ button when editing a crew member, adding new items to the ‘Documents’, ‘Certificates’, ‘Education’, ‘Languages’, ‘Seagoing’, ‘Inventory’, and ‘Contacts for reference check’ tables will occur by pressing ‘+ Add new’ buttons in the upper right corner of the table
  • Instead of the ‘-‘ button when editing a crew member, the deletion of elements in the above meaned tables will occur by pressing the ‘x’ button in the row of the required element
  • Added the ability to assign candidates status. Depending on the status, the candidate’s record will be highlighted with the corresponding colors
  • Users with Seaman Composition edit permissions can edit salary for every crew member individually
  • Minor design improvements
  • Bugfixes and other improvements

Safety & Quality:

  • Created new SMS module
  • Added feature to extend audit record with interim reports
  • Changed category tree in SMS module. User can now create unlimited count of category levels
  • Added feature to create reviews in SMS module


  • Fixed errors when printing optimal supplier prices


  • Featured new Voyage Calculation module
  • Improved module appearance when working on displays with low screen resolution
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