7 Steps in WAYL to Control Costs And Increase Revenue Of Your Maritime Shipping Company

Just watch how profitability grows 

Our goal  is making “WAYL- software solutions for shipowners and ship management companies” the best choice on the market. So we remain in regular contact with maritime professionals to implement their valuable feedback into WAYL. And are also following emerging trends within maritime industry. 

Things are not going well — demand for maritime transport services continues to grow, but at a pace of annual global economic growth of 3-4%. The combined market share of TOP-10 maritime cargo companies rose from 68% to 90% in just 5 years. Growth of freight rates is hampered by a lot of excess tonnage available. This  problem will continue in the coming years as shipyards continue to build larger and larger ships.

In addition to the aforementioned challenges, global maritime trade is being influenced by political disagreements and changes in IMO Conventions. For example, from the 1 January 2020 companies have to purchase more expensive “eco-friendly” fuel for their vessels. The extra costs will lead to further decline of maritime shipping company profitability from already meager 4-5%.

How WAYL Helps You To Raise Profitability in 2020?

Implementing proper digital workflow system is a quick solution to control your costs and optimize your profits. Thanks to WAYL you can increase your company’s efficiency in several key areas including  

  • Procurement
  • Human resource management
  • Stock management
  • Documentation
  • Inner and outer audits
  • Other departments

Check out how this can be done using new WAYL features that we had implemented in 2019. 

How We Improved WAYL In 2019?

During the last year we worked hard to perfect WAYL into a convenient and effective digital control tool for maritime shipowners and shipmanagement companies. And added 7 new features based on feeback from maritime professionals.

Now you can:

1. Use 3 Brand New Modules

We want to ensure you always know what is happening with your business and on board of your vessels. So introduced 3 new modules in WAYL that will turn it into an even more effective decision tool by allowing you to access more information.

Voyage Calculator. While there are similar online services, it is much more convenient when the calculator is built into the system and you don’t have to switch back and forth between multiple windows.

Safety Management System module. Instead of working with numerous files, you may keep all your SMS documents and procedures in WAYL.

Safety Management System Reports. You can now easily generate reports on any document or procedure you need.    

2. Assign Responsibility For Specific Tasks

Each vessel requires dozens of scheduled equipment and system maintenance operations. The improved PMS module, will allow you to assign responsibilities for every procedure on board. 

3. Make Purchases Right From WAYL

Browsing ship chandlers’ websites in search for price lists is a thing of the past! WAYL now features a full list of suppliers’ pricelists and their banking details. Compare and buy without the need of browsing through several websites at once.

4. Know More Info About Your Stocks

WAYL supplies you with full information about location of any spare parts, goods and equipment stored in your company’s warehouse as well as their expiration dates and prices. 

5. Measure Your Crew Performance

Make sure your ship crews work efficiently! New WAYL function allows for the creation of work and rotation schedules for every crew member in advance. As well as rating their performance after voyage to select the best crew for the next employment. 

6. Be Prepared For Audits Anytime

WAYL now allows you to see how much time has passed since the last audit, how much time is left until the next one and what needs to be fixed and improved until then.

7. Enjoy The Increased Performance

Our developers are constantly optimizing the code, so the more functional WAYL becomes — the faster it works! In As a result of such code optimization, we managed to reduce traffic usage from 1500 to just 70MB and module loading time —fivefold. Great news for underpowered computers and ships at sea with limited satellite connections. 

Check Out The New WAYL-2020!

Want to test how much more effective and faster your work becomes with WAYL in 2020, than with your current software, paper books or simple digital spreadsheets? Check out our free demo! (Download link)

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