Is your company ready to deal with cyber risks?

It better be, as Maritime Safety Committee resolution MSC.428(98) on cyber risk management takes effect next January. It makes new demands of the industry, yet experts from several maritime disciplines suggest there’s still much to be done. It’s expected that shipping industry will face even stricter regulations in subsequent years.

We have taken these demands into account while developing WAYL and

1.encrypted data exchange

2.protected data exchange with database

3.implemented user monitoring system

Maritime companies  using WAYL now fully comply with MSC.428(98) cyber security regulations as well as IMO MSC-FAL.1/Circ.3 guidelines. Is yours among them?

But WAYL is not our only contribution to your security. We also configure, manage and protect servers and networks. And develop software for a wide range of business tasks.

Want to know how we can help your company with system security and software development? Send an e-mail to — we will gladly consult you on the opportunities available!

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