Vessel digitization

Vessel digitization hugely benefits shipping companies by decreasing crew and fuel costs, as well as providing valuable real-time data from on board systems. However, in order to fully utilize the benefits, uninterrupted ship-to-shore data exchange must be arranged.

And that’s where the problem lies. According to Vodafone survey, 75% of vessels have some sort of Internet connection available. But 90% of their generated data stays onboard. While GSM/3G/4G coverage in coastal waters is sufficient for uninterrupted data exchange, in high seas we find ourselves hampered by high costs and insufficient bandwidth provided by satellite Internet.

We have stumbled upon this limitation while adding new modules to WAYL. At some point data transfer started to “eat” humongous 1500 megabytes — fairly acceptable on GSM/3G/4G, too much for satellite.

To combat the issue we undertook a deep code optimization, maintaining the data quality but reducing the amount of traffic 20 times. Thanks to this you can now utilize full potential WAYL has to offer by arranging continuous ship-to-shore data exchange both in coastal waters and at sea.

Want to enjoy the luxury of getting full feedback from the ship’s on board systems, while saving thousands of Euros on satellite traffic? Download our demo and check out all the capabilities WAYL has to offer.   

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