In our neverending journey to enhance and improve our “WAYL“

Ahoy! In our neverending journey to enhance and improve our “WAYL-software solutions for shipowners and ship management companies” system we need new ideas only you can provide!

We don’t want to be like other developers — deciding for you and shoving down your throats all those functions and modules you don’t need in our system.But we’re not seamen — you are. So your feedback is our only way to know what functions do you need on board, what we can improve or change. 

Here’s a simple example — it’s now possible to get data from the WAYL application module not only as PDF files or links to online forms, but also as Excel spreadsheets. Because you’ve told us that Excel is more convenient when dealing with ship chandlers and other suppliers. And it’s easier to copy and edit data this way. 

We have also added the “Candidates” module as well as WEB-access for filling in sailors’ data — just because you told us this will speed up work. If you hadn’t told us that, you would’ve been stuck with PDF and much less convenient manual data filling. 

1.If you’re using WAYL — what functions, modules and capabilities it lacks for making your job 100% comfortable and swift?

2.If you’re using another program — what do we need to implement to make your switch to WAYL profitable? 

3.If you’re using Excel, other spreadsheets or even ledgers — what do we need to add or change so you would consider switching to WAYL? 

Write everything you have in mind, don’t be shy. There are no bad ideas, even strange-looking offers may contain something useful. But keeping silent just brings you closer to the world where software developers decide on your behalf, what is the“most convenient” for you.

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