Have you ever had a great idea that didn’t look so great afterwards?

That’s an ordinary thing in programming. Introduction of new tech, new tools allows us to implement better new features and makes old concepts obsolete. 

Same with WAYL — currently it’s fully functional with regular updates. But to use it you have to install it on your PC. In the beginning this looked like a decent option for most users  working on Windows PC’s. 

Now — not so much. What if the user’s PC is running on obsolete Windows XP — you can still find them in many offices? Maybe it’s running on Linux or macOS? What if user prefers to use a smartphone or tablet running on Android or iOS? Or he or she needs to use multiple devices during the day: Windows PC — in the office, tablet — when visiting other branches, smartphone — in the middle of a trip, MacBook — at home? 

Our goal is making WAYL convenient for all users. That’s why we’re moving on to Web-version. This means you can

1.access WAYL through a browser from any device with Internet access

2.use WAYL on any OS 

3.avoid the hassle of installation 

Currently we’re testing the new Crew Web-module and are planning to add the rest until the end of 2020. The bright future of not being tied to your Windows PC is closer than you think. 

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