Supplying just 1 vessel is a hard task.

But how about dozens of them scattered around the ports of the world?

To maintain this, a complex supply system is needed. So in an attempt to simplify it many companies turn to using electronic sheets. But instead just overcomplicate and slow down the whole thing. 


1.Don’t allow live warehouse management, so no way to know what’s currently in stock and what needs to be restocked

2.Offer no automated document creation. All data must be filled in by hand. 

3.Make it difficult to exchange relevant data between multiple warehouses and offices, as it has to be sent manually and multiple versions of the same spreadsheet may exist at the same time

In WAYL we made these problems a thing of the past. You just have to fill data once. And then automatically generate documents and create invoices. Once done info becomes readily available to all departments using WAYL. Making it easy to plan budgets for spare and supply procurement as well as vessel maintenance. And saving valuable working hours. 

We strive to develop and improve WAYL according to “ease of use” philosophy. See for yourself by downloading our demo and checking out how it’s much more convenient than spreadsheets. 

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