Supplying just 1 vessel is a hard task.

But how about dozens of them scattered around the ports of the world? To maintain this, a complex supply system is needed. So in an attempt to simplify it many companies turn to using electronic sheets. But instead just overcomplicate and slow down the whole thing.  Spreadsheets  1.Don’t allow live warehouse management, so no way […]

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Vessel digitization

Vessel digitization hugely benefits shipping companies by decreasing crew and fuel costs, as well as providing valuable real-time data from on board systems. However, in order to fully utilize the benefits, uninterrupted ship-to-shore data exchange must be arranged. And that’s where the problem lies. According to Vodafone survey, 75% of vessels have some sort of […]

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Is your company ready to deal with cyber risks?

It better be, as Maritime Safety Committee resolution MSC.428(98) on cyber risk management takes effect next January. It makes new demands of the industry, yet experts from several maritime disciplines suggest there’s still much to be done. It’s expected that shipping industry will face even stricter regulations in subsequent years. We have taken these demands […]

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7 Steps in WAYL to Control Costs And Increase Revenue Of Your Maritime Shipping Company

Just watch how profitability grows  Our goal  is making “WAYL- software solutions for shipowners and ship management companies” the best choice on the market. So we remain in regular contact with maritime professionals to implement their valuable feedback into WAYL. And are also following emerging trends within maritime industry.  Things are not going well — […]

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New in version 1.06.014 – 1.06.016

General: Improved perfomance of application Featured group chats (conferences) Crew: Added fields for consumptions Added print form Calculated payroll Featured ability to assign specific ranks for criterias in Perfomance Criterias with specific ranks will be shown in separated block in Perfomance report print template Planned seagoings are now available in Seagoing tab Added feature to […]

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