New in version 1.06.014 – 1.06.016

General: Improved perfomance of application Featured group chats (conferences) Crew: Added fields for consumptions Added print form Calculated payroll Featured ability to assign specific ranks for criterias in Perfomance Criterias with specific ranks will be shown in separated block in Perfomance report print template Planned seagoings are now available in Seagoing tab Added feature to […]

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New in version 1.06.004-008

General: When hover over the “Unreaded Orders” column on the vessel selection page, the headings and status of the unread requests will be displayed in a pop-up window. Crew: Fixed errors when deleting a crew member Added confirmation window when removing a crew member from the list on the ‘Crew List’ page Added the ability […]

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New in version 1.06.003

Safety & Quality: Featured new module – ‘Flag/class requirements’ Blue notifications will show unread files of ‘Flag/class requirement’ module records Purchasing: Record of bank requisitions will be deleted, if all fields are empty Added possibility to assign color to the status of orders Fixed issue with updating view of orders table when saving changes Crew: […]

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New in version 1.06.001-002

General: Added possibility to edit and create custom templates for insertion while writing an email (template editor is available in settings) Purchasing: Fixed issues when confirm and save orders Increased allowed length of fields with information in suppliers window  Safety & Quality: Fixed issues when opening certificates Users are now able to use previously created […]

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New in version 1.06.000

Purchasing: Improved searching speed in orders Improvements of design on several windows Fixed issues with module functionality Improved design of status editing interface  Stock: Updated searching filters  Crew: Increased performance when load, save and print crew list Fixed issues with searching in crew list Improved performance when loading, saving, and printing Crew ListFixed search in crew […]

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New in version 1.05.918-919

Maintenance & Stock: – Showing needed works, when pressing ‘Show needed works’ button now are independent of remaining time – Improved quality of charts output to print in Maintenance hours page Safety & Quality: – Added feature to mark certificate as unlimited – User are able to set a global order of records Crew: – […]

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New in version 1.05.917 :

Maintenance & Stock: Fixed duplicating files issue in item description Safety&Quality: Categories in Certificates and Audits Appearence improvements Crew: User can be allowed to view and edit items in Maintenance – Critical Equipment through administration settings Fixed crew displaying issue when removing or move crew to another vessel Fixed crew print dialog displaying issues Added […]

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