6 Features You Should Consider When Choosing Vessel Management Software

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Currently, many places use traffic management software to replace traditional management methods. And the shipping industry is no exception, with the superiority of features as well as the great benefits that it brings. However, when you use vessel management software, there are still some notes and aspects you will need to pay attention to be able to achieve the highest efficiency. So in this article, we will give you 6 notes you need to consider when choosing vessel management software.

1. Integrated Vessel Management System

Changes are tracked on both sides of the system, extracted, and delivered to the ship and the office regularly. You must guarantee that the data transmission volume is kept to a minimum level and that the data being shared is kept as secure as possible.

2. System of A Hosted Office

Ascertain that you will not be required to run a database or application server. Your office personnel can access the system remotely from wherever they are, as long as they have an internet connection. You'll be in charge of the application and ensuring that data from the ships arrives without error and that IT security is up to par. Each client has its dedicated server on your hosted server.

3. Updates to the system regularly

Major releases with new features and functionality should be made twice a year, depending on feedback from the user community, workshops, and the Customer Advisory Board. The update is critical since it ensures that you have the most up-to-date nautical information onboard.

4. Compatibility from The Bottom Up

In the same fleet, the systems must always work with different versions. If a system update is required, the installation can be done in stages. This is frequently the only method to work for larger fleets.

5. Implementation of An Agile System

If more than one system is established, the implementation is usually done in stages, with the technical and procurement systems being installed first, followed by QHSE and crewing. The entire version of the vessel client can be deployed and configured from the office system. Ship-specific data is obtained from a configuration file transmitted from shore or manually entered data in the onboard versions. To speed up implementation, you can easily distribute hundreds of vessel systems in parallel to your fleet.

6. Friendly Interface

The process is intended for crew members who do not spend their entire day in front of a computer and who have a limited training time. It should minimize the number of overlapping windows so that you always know where you are working. Errors in an entry are identified and reported. Users are used to the style, which is comparable to Windows Explorer. The menu only shows options that are available to each user.

Hope that after this article, you will notice the aspects when choosing the vessel management software. If you can overcome any struggle and be proficient in using software, you will be successful. If you are looking for good vessel management software, try now on WAYL. 


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