Safety and quality module management on ships

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The safety and quality module management system is an advanced system planned and implemented by the shipping companies to ensure the safety of the ship and the quality of the ship and vessel in the marine environment.

Safety and quality management is an essential aspect of the International safety management (ISM) code which outlines all of the critical policies, practices, and processes that must be followed to guarantee the safety of ships in the maritime.

The safety and quality module guarantees that all ships obey the necessary safety laws and regulations, as well as the IMO, classification societies, and other maritime organizations' codes, guidelines, and standards.

What is included in safety and quality modules?

Every safety and quality module needs to meet some of the basic functional demands for the safety of every ship.

  • Procedure and guidelines for responding to the emergency situations
  • Policy on safety and environmental protection
  • Procedures and standards for reporting accidents and non-conformities of any kind
  • Clear information on ship crew members' levels of authority and channels of communication, as well as between shore and onboard personnel
  • Procedures and guidelines to guarantee ship safety and environmental protection in accordance with relevant international and flag state regulations.
  • Internal auditing and management reviews procedures
  • Details on the vessel

In brief, a safety and quality management system would explain how a vessel operates on a daily basis, what procedures to follow in the event of an emergency, how drills and training are done, safety precautions are taken, who is the designated person, and so on.

The owner of the vessel, or the designated person, or the person chosen by the owner, is primarily responsible for the safety management plan. The ship's master and crew, on the other hand, are the perfect individuals to send safety and quality modules because they know the vessel inside and out.

What sections should include in the safety and quality management system?

The safety and quality module is divided into sections for easy reference.

  • General
  • Safety and environmental policies
  • Designated person
  • Resources and staff
  • Master’s responsibilities and authority
  • Company’s responsibility and authority
  • Operational procedures
  • Emergency procedures
  • Reporting of accidents
  • Maintenance and records
  • Documentation
  • Review and evaluation

These are the main parts of the basic safety and quality module; the strategy, however, may differ depending on the vessel's kind and the cargo it transports. The safety and quality module plays a significant part in the application of the ISM code aboard ships.

WAYL - Safety and quality management software

The safety and quality management software from WAYL facilitates the tracking of operational nonconformities, deviations, exclusions, customer complaints, and customer claims.

The safety and quality management software module enables change and improvement management by integrating with your internet and intranet sites, ensuring compliance with established standards and laws.

Identify, document, and track losses and trends connected to a lack of quality, as well as flaws in processes and guidelines. WAYL's safety and quality management software may be used to assess supply chain efficiency, supplier reliability, and vendor viability. Analyze the quality of all processes when comparing vendors and partners. With the WAYL software module, you can ensure steady operations and business process integrity (BPI).

In short, safety and quality management on ships are extremely important. WAYL is a proper choice for ship owners and businesses in the maritime to manage safety and quality for ships. Book a demo now on WAYL. For further information, please contact VITCAKE Ltd via email


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