Excellent News for Shipowners and Ship Managers!

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At VITCAKE LTD, we're continuously innovating to enhance your experience with the WAYL system. We understand the challenges you face daily, and we're committed to simplifying your tasks.

Introducing the Supplier Comparison Functionality!

Finding the right supplier with competitive prices and quality is no longer a daunting task. Here's what we've integrated:

Main Features:

- *Automated Offer Sending:* Directly send requests to suppliers through WAYL.

- *Automated Offer Uploading from suppliers:* Get prices instantly and upload them to WAYL.

- *Automated Results Uploading:* No need for manual entries; the system takes care of it.

- *Detailed Price Comparisons:* Get a clear view of where you can save.

- *Automated Results Sending:* Efficiently send results without any hassle.

- *Supplier Document Verification:* Ensure your suppliers meet all compliance standards.

And if you ever need it, manual operation is still available for flexibility!

*Want to see it in action?* Book a demo with our experts. They'll provide a comprehensive online guide tailored to your needs.

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