Types Of Vessel Maintenance That You Should Know Before Choosing Ship Maintenance Software

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You may often hear about the importance of vessel maintenance, or ship maintenance software, but do you really understand the types of maintenance. Read the article below to understand more types of maintenance that you should know before choosing ship maintenance software.

What Are The 4 Typical Types Of Maintenance?

Preventive, corrective, risk-based, and condition-based maintenance are the 4 types of maintenance philosophies that may be defined.

Predictive maintenance: When mechanics can examine the health of equipment before it breaks down, this is called proactive maintenance. Most ships go through a life cycle, and predictive maintenance is one of them.

Corrective maintenance:  This form of upkeep is relatively straightforward. When anything goes wrong and the mechanic needs to fix it, this happens.

Risk-based maintenance: It focuses on high-value facilities while taking into account the likelihood of failure during the remaining service life of the equipment.

Condition-based maintenance:  It is a method of systematically measuring, monitoring, and evaluating data on equipment conditions across time. The condition evaluation that results allows for the forecast of the remaining components.

Types Of Vessel Maintenance

Preventive, predictive, and corrective vessel maintenance are the 3 main forms of vessel maintenance.

Preventive maintenance: A schedule is provided in the owner's handbook or by the manufacturer. These timetables differ from vehicle to vehicle, but the manufacturer's plan will get the greatest results.

Predictive maintenance:  That was when mechanics are able to examine the health of a system before it becomes a problem. All ships go through a life cycle that includes predictive maintenance.

Corrective maintenance:  This is a pretty easy sort of upkeep. When anything goes wrong and the mechanic needs to fix it, it's called a breakdown.

How To Effectively Maintain Ships?

Follow the methods provided in the "ship's book" to maintain a ship. This will inform you what needs to be inspected at regular intervals on your ships. When it's time for your mechanical equipment to be inspected, check the ship's book to see what has to be done and then do it. If you need assistance, seek assistance from a higher-ranking officer or a technician.

To keep a ship working smoothly and looking attractive, maintenance is required. It can be performed as part of a routine inspection or as preventative maintenance. Inspections are carried out on a regular basis, but planned maintenance should be carried out in accordance with the ship's book, which specifies how frequently particular items must be examined and/or maintained. Routine inspections (to check for damage), lubricating oil change intervals, and major overhauls (all equipment was reassembled) are all examples of these.

Maintenance costs differ from ship to ship. Ships are expensive to operate, but their costs may skyrocket if an equipment breakdown occurs at sea, necessitating emergency repairs. Maintain your ship's upkeep so that unanticipated repairs aren't too pricey at the end of the day.


The technique of keeping a boat, ship, or other watercraft in excellent functioning order is known as vessel maintenance. We've given you some pointers on how to get started on vessel maintenance and why it's crucial for your business in this post. If you are looking for a better solution with ship maintenance software, check out our website wayl.eu for additional information or demo booking!


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