WAYL System has acquired RINA Certificate!

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Vitcake Ltd. has one more reason to celebrate and express gratitude. The company recently acquired the prestigious RINA (Registro Italiano Navale) certificate for its cutting-edge WAYL system. This remarkable achievement marks a significant milestone for Vitcake Ltd. and reinforces our commitment to excellence in the maritime industry. Join us as we explore the significance of the RINA certificate and the immense value it brings to the WAYL system.

A Technological Triumph:

The acquisition of the RINA certificate for the WAYL system is a testament to Vitcake Ltd.'s dedication to innovation and quality. The WAYL system, an advanced maritime shipmanagement solution, has already garnered attention for its state-of-the-art features and efficiency. This recognition from RINA not only validates the exceptional performance and reliability of the system but also positions Vitcake Ltd. as a leading player in the maritime technology sector.

Ensuring Safety and Compliance:

The RINA certificate is renowned worldwide for its rigorous assessment and verification processes. By successfully obtaining this certification, Vitcake Ltd. has demonstrated its commitment to adhering to the highest industry standards. The WAYL system's compliance with RINA regulations ensures that it meets strict safety requirements, safeguarding vessels, crews, and the environment. This achievement not only reflects Vitcake Ltd.'s dedication to excellence but also instills confidence in their customers, reassuring them of their investment's reliability.

Enhancing Efficiency and Effectiveness:

The WAYL system, now equipped with the RINA certificate, empowers maritime operators with enhanced capabilities for management, control, and monitoring. The certificate validates the system's ability to optimize vessel performance, digitalize processes and provide best services for shipmanagement. With the WAYL system's integration into their operations, shipowners can expect improved operational efficiency, enhanced decision-making, and a significant reduction in costs. The RINA certification further strengthens the WAYL system's value proposition, making it an indispensable asset for any maritime enterprise.

Forging Ahead with Trust and Confidence:

Vitcake Ltd.'s acquisition of the RINA certificate for the WAYL system not only affirms the company's dedication to technological advancement but also signifies its commitment to its customers. The certification builds trust and confidence among potential users, who can rely on the WAYL system's ability to deliver exceptional results in maritime navigation. Vitcake Ltd.'s achievement also serves as an inspiration to other companies in the industry, encouraging them to pursue excellence and prioritize safety in their technological developments.


Vitcake Ltd. has yet another reason to be grateful as they celebrate the acquisition of the RINA certificate for their remarkable WAYL system. This achievement solidifies their position as an industry leader and emphasizes their commitment to delivering innovative and reliable solutions. The RINA certificate brings increased safety, compliance, and efficiency to the WAYL system, making it an invaluable asset for maritime operators. 


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