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While the maritime industry is growing rapidly, services to support its management are increasingly being provided to ship owners or companies and businesses. WAYL is one of them. But what differences between WAYL ship maintenance software and other products. Let’s check it out.

Difference between the WAYL’s ship maintenance software and other products

A user-friendly maintenance system for planning jobs helps ship owners and management guarantee their boats are adequately maintained and managed at reasonable costs, as the shipping sector strives to make peace with the fast-changing technical and regulatory landscape.

The problems that come with using older ship maintenance software systems include that the crew aboard finds them "not very user friendly," which makes it difficult for them to fill in the correct data. People ashore are unable to assess the data and take the required measures to guarantee that the ships are run profitably as a result of this.

With sophisticated systems in place, training must be done on a regular basis, which may be time-consuming and, as a result, incur additional expenses.

WAYL's ship maintenance software is a simple-to-use solution that requires little to no training. It is a web-based ship maintenance program that allows users to view maintenance schedules, overdue task information, inventory details, postponed projects, procedures, and much more via a basic web browser on the move. The ship maintenance software's offline features allow users to access it on board the ship even when it is not connected to the internet.

The WAYL’s ship maintenance software enables businesses to centrally manage, disseminate, and preserve data for all boats. Users may make modifications (such as job processes, important jobs, or adding generic jobs) across all desired vessels using the central data management architecture.

Users may add widgets with data that is most important to them to the dashboards in the ship maintenance software, and the KPIs are visually displayed.

The software's strong data synchronization features allow all data to be automatically duplicated between the ship and shore systems without any data packet loss.

Advantages of using the WAYL’s ship maintenance software onboard ships

Onboard ships, maintenance is frequently a reactive rather than a proactive endeavor. This is frequently caused by a lack of data available to the personnel responsible, which makes it difficult for them to plan the maintenance of equipment onboard their ships. As a result, there were breakdowns that may have been avoided.

WAYL plans to solve this gap with ship maintenance software by offering users user-friendly software that requires no training and only a little amount of time from the crew onboard to gather maintenance data onboard the ships. Data is synchronized seamlessly between the office and the onboard vessel maintenance systems, allowing shore employees to evaluate data and optimize operations like job planning and inventory management.

The WAYL maintenance software for ships is a web-based solution that allows vessel fleet managers and owners to plan, monitor, and track ship maintenance. Fleet managers benefit from the system since it gives them an overview of the progress of repair tasks onboard the boats. The WAYL PMS (planned maintenance system) for ships frees them from the industry's standard of constant email contact. For the vessel, the program has offline capabilities.

WAYL’s ship maintenance software that fits all vessel scales

Shipping businesses that use WAYL's ship maintenance software are those that want to improve efficiency by putting in place solid systems and processes. Organizations with a variety of fleet scales and types of vessels utilize the WAYL maintenance software for ships.

This adaptability has aided the overall evolution of the PMS software, which now provides solutions for a wide range of organizational needs and company operating situations.


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