How Does The WAYL’s Ship Management Software Meet The Market Requirements

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Demand for ship management is increasingly higher with more rigorous requirements from the market. Let’s learn about the ship management industry and ship management software from WAYL via the article below. 

Present Role of Ship Management Industry 

Due to several economic disturbances that afflicted worldwide commerce, the ship management industry has been on the receiving end since early 2000. Operators can make gains by using specialized cloud-based ship management systems due to increasing capacity and an almost static growth in freight costs.

Ship Management Software Solution From WAYL

WAYL is a ship management software that can be used via any web browser or mobile device and is meant to provide a completely user-friendly experience to ship owners, managers, and board staff.

We have perfected the art of data packet transfers between land-based equipment and your ships at sea in an age when ships at sea still have connection challenges. WAYL's marine software includes solutions for managing Ship Maintenance, Maritime Purchase / Procurement, Inspections, Vessel Incidents, and ISM effectively.

Together, the solutions comprise a robust Ship Management Software for the marine sector, removing the "all-time dilemma" of maintaining many systems from various suppliers.

Ship Management Solution from WAYL

Let’s check out the main function of ship management software from WAYL.

Planned Maintenance System

The Ship Management Software's PMS module will help you to manage both planned and unexpected maintenance activities on your boats.

Stores & Procurement System

The Ship Management Software's Stores & Procurement module allows you to handle the complete procurement process.

Quality & Safety Management 

The Ship Management Software's HSEQ or SMS module helps you to handle safety manuals, audits, inspections, vetting, and incidents.

Vessel Performance System

Collect and publish noon reports to all involved stakeholders using the reporting system within our Ship Management Software.

Data Analytics 

Transform all data from the Ship Management Software into graphical charts and reports that allow in-depth analysis of key performance metrics.

Capabilities Of The Ship Management Software Solution From WAYL

  • Onboard access to true browser-based ship management software with offline capability.
  • Data storage and dissemination capabilities centralized throughout your fleet's chosen vessels
  • A ship management software for ships with reliable ship-to-shore data transfer and vice versa.
  • User-friendliness to guarantee that data from the crew aboard is continually available through the fleet management system.
  • WAYL's ship fleet management software has interconnected modules that allow departments to share data.
  • Implementation and training were meticulously planned to enable a smooth transition to the cloud-based fleet management system.
  • Our ship management software is supported by knowledgeable and experienced support staff who assure a smooth voyage.
  • We provide comprehensive database construction and migration services to enable a seamless transition to our ship fleet management software.

Ship management software is an indispensable part of any ship. Thus, make sure your ship has an optimized management solution. Let’s WAYL help you with effective ship management software. Book a demo now on WAYL. 


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