Ship PMS software - an indispensable part of your ship

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The better ship PMS software, the better operation of the ship. A ship PMS software will help ship owners or businesses in the maritime industry well manage the planned maintenance. Let’s check out why a ship’s PMS software is important.

Improve your ship management with PMS software

The ship planned maintenance system software, or ship PMS software, is software that enables ship owners and operators to plan, conduct, and document ship maintenance at predetermined intervals in line with manufacturer specifications. Besides, the ship PMS software also allows you to execute all of these tasks on a single screen. The planned maintenance system software creates a system where all of the essential processes for managing all of the ship's parts that require repair at specific intervals can be found.

The goal of ship PMS software is to guarantee that ship operations are safe and reliable, as well as that all applicable laws, including equipment, are followed. Depending on the size of the shipping firm, the types of ships in operation, and their complexity, there are many ways to implement ship PMS software. In any event, a systematic approach to maintenance begins with the construction of a full database of machinery, equipment, and hardware, which is based on risk assessment.

According to the International Safety Management Code, ships must have a planned maintenance system implement on them (ISM). An efficient planned maintenance system not only aids in the achievement of the ISM Code's safety and environmental objectives but may also be used as an investment in asset protection and management.

A planned maintenance system is compulsory on ships according to ISM

Ship accidents, loss of life and property, and environmental destruction are all on the rise in the global maritime industry. In commerce shipping, there are now very few ships working under normal circumstances, with the majority of ships operating under subpar standards. Unfair competition exists between maritime firms that operate ships in standard and poor circumstances, as well as companies that operate ships in standard conditions. All marine firms must operate at least minimal requirements in order to reduce these incidents and the losses they create, as well as to avoid unfair competition.

For this reason, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has implemented International Safety Management (ISM) for safety and environmental preservation. This compulsory practice has been a great step towards creating a fair competition environment in the maritime sector and preventing damage to the environment, loss of life, and property. Ships that do not follow the safety management system are not permitted to transport cargo.

Why do you need a ship PMS software for your ship?

  • It allows you to create a structure for planning the tasks that have to be done in the office.
  • Using a simple and intuitive interface, company structures can be allocated to ships quickly.
  • With its complete structure, the template, which is generated just once, may be easily given to ships based on their needs.
  • An option for a specific region when the appropriate processes for planned maintenance have been developed.
  • On a single screen of ship PMS software, you may assess the job's criticality, time, and department.
  • The mistake is minimized by providing a lot of data about the task generated using the risk assessment - ISM forms - Log consumed spare component - upload and attachment fields.
  • You can track spare parts on the inventory.
  • All expiring product stock information, stock availability, out-of-stock, and planned maintenance inventories may be checked, and management planning can be supplied.

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